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Lubricants Manufacturer in Dubai – Lubricant Types That Work For Various Industries

by Zareen

Lubricants Manufacturer in Dubai Offering The Best Lubrication Products 

Lubricants are substances that are used to control friction between different bodies in contact with one another and in relative motion. Apart from that, they can also control temperature, seal against dust and dirt, and reduce oxidation. If you are looking for lubrication products and supplies, there is no place better than Dubai. The best Lubricants Manufacturer in Dubai can offer you a wide range of lubricating oils, waxes, and greases.  Moreover, you can get the same at competitive prices. 

The lubrication products are used in sectors such as automobiles, marine, as well as industrial. The industry mainly denotes, what type of lubricant you would need. Lubricants reduce the friction between the various mechanical components. You will find both fluid and solid materials being used as lubricants. 

If you want to know more about the types of lubricants and their benefits, read on. 

Types Of Lubricants – Source From The Lubricants Manufacturer in Dubai 

The most common lubricant types are liquid, solid, and grease-based ones. Let us decode some more information about these. 

  • Liquid Lubricants – These lubricants are mainly prepared from petroleum and synthetic fluids. Petroleum is widely available and is cheaper in comparison to synthetic fluids. However, the latter is more beneficial. Viscosity is one of the differentiating factors that set liquid lubricants apart from the rest. 
  • Solid Lubricants – This is another category of lubricants that is widely available. Moreover, you can source it from the best Lubricants Manufacturer in Dubai. Solid lubricants are also called dry film lubricants. They may be made of graphite mixed with viscose binders. Solids are used in areas where pressure and temperature can pose challenges for the process. The best part about solid lubricants is that, one can mix them with a wide variety of binders. 
  • Grease Lubricants – These are liquid lubricants mixed with a thickener. The thickener, in this case, is basically soap and its additives. The latter helps in corrosion resistance. Moreover, grease is mainly used in cases, where the surface areas requiring movement or mobility, are hard to reach. 

Automotive Lubricants 

You can source the appropriate lubricants from the Lubricants Manufacturer in Dubai. There are many types of lubricants, which are used in the automotive sector. Furthermore, the key roles that lubricants play in this segment are friction reduction, corrosion prevention, and proper power transmission. The most common form of lubricant used in this sector is engine oil. It is mainly effective in lubrication of the internal combustion engines. Furthermore, it also cleans the sludge that accumulates over time. The engine oil also neutralizes the acids that emerge from fuel. Again, the oil also cools the engine, by carrying the heat towards the outlets. Gear oils and hydraulic oils are the other lubricants, used in this sector. 

Marine Lubricants 

The Lubricants Manufacturer in Dubai can also provide you with lubricants for the marine sector, as well. Such lubricants are used in the shipping industry. They may be synthetic, bio-based, or mineral oil-based. Such lubricants reduce the wear and tear in the parts of the engine and also improve machine performance. Recreational boating has emerged as one of the leading leisure activities. This has led to a further increase in the demand and consumption of lubricants. Marine cylinder lubricants occupy the largest market share today. Additionally, hydraulic oils and compressor oils are also in demand in the marine sector. 

General Industrial Lubricants 

There are several parameters that lubricants must meet for the industrial sector. The lubricants which are used in the sector should have qualities related to corrosion prevention, friction reduction, and dissipation of heat. Some of the lubricants which are used in the sector are grease, oils, and waxes. Oil lubricants are also called motor oils, and they score high on the viscosity and stability indexes. Moreover, you will also come across semi-synthetic oils, which are a blend of synthetic and mineral oils. Power transmission components in machines require the usage of proper lubricants, too. Equipment owners also need to take into consideration factors, such as reduced downtime and lower operational costs.  

Benefits Of Using Lubricants

By now, you know that lubricants do more than just reduce friction. They have a wide range of benefits. 

  • They provide an additional layer to prevent metal-on-metal contact, which can otherwise result in corrosion at some point. Most equipment fail due to the same after a few years. 
  • Lubricants form a protective layer on the surface of the metal body, and prevents it from rust. 
  • Lubricants also absorb excess heat and draw it away from the surface. Thus, maintaining optimum temperature, when you use the best lubricants appropriate for your machinery. 
  • A proper lubrication system ensures that your machinery will work for longer periods. 
  • Additionally, they also ensure lower energy consumption for the equipment.

Final Words

Thus, the importance of good-quality lubricants cannot be overemphasized. Each lubricant has its benefits. You can now safeguard your machinery from corrosion, cut downtime, and lower maintenance costs. Source the best ones from the Lubricants Manufacturer in Dubai

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