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Finding Charging Stations for Electric Car Rentals In Dubai

by Arna

Dubai has never been a city that is simply standing on the sidelines while everyone else is moving forward and it won’t be now as well. EVs or electric vehicles have started appearing more and more on the silky streets of Dubai as the city leads the shift to a more sustainable future. This innovative approach has been promoted by the government of Dubai as adopting EVs doesn’t compromise the luxury the city is renowned for. However, as more people are driving electric car rental in Dubai streets, the need to find electric car charging stations has increased. 

In this blog post, we will discover Dubai’s impressive infrastructure for charging EVs, showing us that the city is fully behind the electric car movement and enhancing the experience of EV owners. Mentioned below in this post are some of the charging stations located throughout Dubai to help make traveling easier for residents and visitors alike.

Locating Charging Stations in Dubai

  • DEWA’s Green Charger Initiative

To promote the use of electric vehicles in the city, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has taken a bold approach. In order to give drivers of EVs a seamless driving experience, a wide network of EV charging stations has been set up as a part of the EV Green Charger Initiative. These charging stations can be found in several locations including malls, gas stations, and residential neighborhoods.

You may find these charging stations by using the DEWA app or website. The DEWA app gives real-time information regarding charging station status and charging power, as well as the ability to secure a charging slot.

  • GreenParking

GreenParking, an established parking management company in Dubai, is working on furthering the EV revolution by placing charging stations throughout the city. These charging stations are carefully positioned in commercial and residential areas, making driving a lot more convenient for EV owners.

The GreenParking app has an easy-to-use interface for finding and using charging stations. It also provides a variety of ways to make payments, ensuring that those driving electric car rentals in Dubai have a hassle-free experience.


In the UAE’s fuel sector, the Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) and Emirates Petroleum Products Company (EPPCO) are well-known names. These companies have also understood the value of EV infrastructure and have integrated charging stations into their current networks.

ENOC and EPPCO charging stations can be located in plenty of Dubai petrol stations and malls. Drivers on long trips can easily access an ENOC or EPPCO station on their way and charge their car.

  • Tesla Superchargers

Tesla, the leader in electric vehicles, has a dedicated presence in Dubai. Tesla Superchargers have been conveniently placed in popular zones, allowing Tesla owners to charge their vehicles quickly. These Superchargers are only available for Tesla cars and provide lightning-fast charging.

  • Hotels and Shopping Malls

The shopping malls and hotels of Dubai are known to welcome hundreds of various visitors which is why these establishments have recognized the need for electric vehicle charging stations. Visitors with electric cars should also be catered to, so efforts are being made to build and place charging stations in such venues’ parking lots. You may charge your electric car rental in Dubai as you shop at a large mall or dine at a luxurious hotel.

If you intend to use a charging station, always verify with the specific establishment first, as policies and access may differ.

Charging Station Compatibility

EV owners need to keep in mind the compatibility of their vehicle with the charging station. For example, Tesla Superchargers are only for Tesla vehicles and if you are driving a Nissan Leaf, you may have to find another charging station. However, don’t fret when driving an electric car rental in Dubai as the city has several charging stations that accept a wide range of electric vehicle models. Just to be on the safe side, confirm that the charging port on your vehicle fits the plug type on the charging station.


To sum up, the accessibility of electric car charging stations in Dubai has improved massively due to the joint efforts of government authorities, privately owned businesses, and international manufacturers of electric vehicles. You may now comfortably drive around the city without stressing about running out of juice, whether you drive an electric car, such as a Tesla, or one from another brand. Electric car rentals in Dubai are not only a wise decision for the residents of the city, but also a trendy one, given the growing concern for the environment and the charm of current technology. So welcome the future of travel in this vibrant city and let your time driving an electric car rental in Dubai shine through.

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