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7 Things You Should NOT Keep in the Car

by Arna

Most people won’t hesitate to call their car “home away from home,” but this claim can do more harm than good.

While opinions may vary, many would agree that storing certain items in their vehicle makes it more comfortable and allows them to drive around knowing they’ve got everything they need.

However, Leaving some things — living ones included — in the car can be harmful or even dangerous.

That’s why we compiled a list of 7 items you should never leave in your car, whether for a short or long time.

On a side note, many people think, “I want to sell my car in Dubai, then get overwhelmed and don’t go through with it. There’s no reason to be discouraged, as the process can be fairly simple if your car is well-maintained.

Let’s get into it:

1 – Children

Leaving a child in the car is a huge safety hazard, even if you’re going for what you think will be a couple of minutes only.

Your vehicle’s temperature can be suffocating for the kid, especially in the summer. Even if you leave a slightly rolled-down window, it won’t provide enough air for the child.

Not to mention how kidnappers will see an opportunity to grab your child and get away with it.

So before you leave your kid strapped to their seat to run a quick errand, think about the risks you are taking.

It’s also worth noting that children can cause great damage to your car’s interior without even noticing, significantly hurting its value. Before you sell your vehicle, you can calculate car value online using a free tool for an accurate estimation of how much your car is worth.

2 – Pets

Just like young children — or any living thing for that matter — keeping pets in the vehicle is always unsafe, but it may lead to their death in the summertime.

Especially when the heat is soaring, your car can turn into a furnace, as the temperature inside parked vehicles gets way hotter than the weather outside.

So grab a leash and take your dog with you instead of leaving it alone and neglected. You never know; a short walk can save your dog’s life.

3 – Spray Cans

Also known as aerosol cans, these containers use pressured gas to compress the liquid inside and release it through a pressure-releasing mechanism when needed.

It is stated on the warning sticker of the can that it shouldn’t be left in high temperatures or direct sunlight, as it may lead to an explosion.

Although leaving aerosol cans is not as common as leaving children or pets, it is still a hazard to the safety of any passengers or anyone near the car, as it can cause damage to the vehicle and send shards flying and harming anyone in their way.

4 – Sunscreen

On a lighter note, leaving your sun cream in the car can actually make it less effective.

Ironically, most components of sunscreens break down in extreme heat and lose efficiency, rendering the sun protection factor useless.

So to save money and protect your skin effectively, keep sunscreen in your handbag and take it wherever you go.

5 – Medicine

It is common to leave headache pills and other regularly used medications in the car. However, medications should be kept at room temperature as they contain chemicals that break down in the heat.

Although hot weather may not make your medications hazardous, it will render them less effective.

Whether it’s for an emergency or a condition you have, don’t keep your pills in the car to ensure that you get 100% of their benefit.

6 – Plastic Water Bottles

Keeping water-filled plastic bottles in your car is not the best idea unless you’re drinking them immediately.

Plastic bottles are made with chemicals that can be harmful if they seep into the water, and leaving the bottle in hot temperatures for long periods can speed up that process and infuse the water with these substances.

You can keep your bottle in your bag or use a different container to carry your water around.

7 – Groceries

Avoid putting groceries in your car unless it’s your last stop before going home, as fresh produce shouldn’t be left outside the fridge for long, especially during summer.

So, to keep your veggies and dairies fresh, make sure you head straight home after purchasing them.

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